Attention Helldivers:

Within your Super Destroyers' "Ship Module," there is a new module called "Catalog Expansion" under "Bridge". It currently has no new description, affected stratagems, or price.

Previous upgrades from that module have been "Targeting Software Upgrade," which reduces the orbital stratagems by 1 second, "Nuclear Radar," which increases enemy ping radius by 50 meters, and "Power Steering," which only improves Hellpod steering when deployed.

With these three modules having almost nothing in common, there is no telling what "Catalog Expansion" could be. Based on the name, one thing players could assume is it could unlock a whole bunch more stratagems.

All We Can Do Is Speculate for Now

screenshot of baskinator on helldivers 2 discord teasing catalog expansion "rogue item detected"

Helldivers over on Discord speculate that it could be for vehicles since they aren't secondary weapons, which would fit the category.

Another point is that there could be a new category for the mechsuit and vehicles, which could explain the 7/8 bug you see when looking at every stratagem. Since this is very recent (last couple of hours), there is no information on what it will do.

Leaked videos show new "Ship Modules" expanding the ship and making it bigger. So far, most of the leaks have been confirmed, so we can keep our hopes up that this will stay in the game.

If players have learned anything, it should be that Arrowhead knows mostly what it's doing. They allow leaks, data mining, and the rampant spreading of information; it's all free advertisement for them.

Helldivers have much to look forward to in the coming weeks, including new ship upgrades, a new Warbond releasing on April 11th, and potentially a new faction, the Illuminate.

What do you think the "Rogue Item" is for, Helldiver?