Democratic Detonation has only been live in Helldivers 2 for a few hours, and divers are already reporting at least one frustrating bug causing a huge headache and the loss of precious Democratic resources.

Along with the release of the new Warbond, six new high-level ship upgrades were added to the roster, ready for players to use on the battlefield.

However, the Superior Packing Methodology upgrade is currently bugged and not working as it should.

Mind you, this upgrade costs 150 normal samples, 150 rare samples, 15 super samples, and 20,000 Requisition, which is a hefty price to pay for something that doesn't work.

Divers on Reddit quickly reported that after spending this huge amount of resources on the upgrade, they were shocked to find that when equipped, it does not resupply the maximum amount of magazines as it states it does.

From the in-game description, it reads: Resupply boxes refill support weapons with the maximum number of carriable magazines.

Currently, this is not the case. Upon resupply, you will end up with the same number of magazines as you would without the upgrade equipped, which is totally a pain in the ass.

It has been reported that the bug affects all support weapons, so it's devastating to players who purchased the upgrade and were unaware of the problem.

Check out the Reddit post below from Alphado-Jaki demonstrating the upgrade and how it does not affect ammo.

Does Arrowhead Have a QA Team?

This incident isn't the first time players have been frustrated with game-breaking bugs and issues on update day, leading many users online to question whether or not Arrowhead Studios / Sony have a proper QA team (I'd assume they do?).

As a player, you expect something simple like a ship upgrade to work on release, but defects like this seem to slip through the cracks repeatedly and don't always get cleaned up before the next content drop is introduced.

Unfortunately, they are not super quick to address issues of this nature, so there is a good chance we'll be waiting for a week, if not longer, for a fix.

Long story short - DO NOT BUY Superior Packing Methodology until they fix this bug or your precious resources will be sent to the void with nothing in return.

Update: The devs are aware of this bug/issue and are currently investigating a fix. We will update you when more information is available.

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